I’m an enthusiastic User Experience (UX) Consultant interested in both the research and design stages of making something better. I’m privileged to work as a freelancer in London and Melbourne for a variety of exciting clients and projects.


After working on a service design research project for Australia’s largest telco with Fjord I returned to the UX team at Transport for London (TfL) where I worked on improving the online user experience for multiple areas of the TfL website.


After studying Product Management at General Assembly I’m now in London for the next three years – working with my Co-Founder to establish a new business aimed at reinventing retirement.


We’ve launched the Mischief & Adventure Club – a social offering for retirees (or those approaching retirement) with a sense of adventure – so we can learn more about needs, behaviours and desires of an older audience.


Hugely excited to have recently mentored on UX/Design at Google’s Launchpad hyper-accelerator to help startup founders utilise user research, usability testing, MVPs and human-centered design methodologies when designing their products and businesses.


UX Research

UX Design

Service Design

Digital Production

Information Architecture

Product Management

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy




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